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Greetings of the the President of the World Chess Federation FIDE

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of the World Chess Federation let me heartily welcome the participants and guests of the World Chess Cup 2011. The hospitable Khanty-Mansiysk puts on a crown again and accepts the World Chess Cup for the fourth time. And a little more than a year ago the World Chess Olympiad took place here. I’m sure that the Tournament of the Nations 2010 remains in the memory of Ugra citizens and Siberian guests forever. And again the strongest chess players of the world came here in order to prove the right of possessing the World Cup in an uncompromising struggle.

Khanty-Mansiysk is well known for its highest level of organization of chess tournaments. Here all the conditions are created in order one can produce masterpieces to be admired all over the world. For me it is a pleasure to notice that the competition will take place for the first time in a great building of Ugra Chess Academy.

I would like to thank the Governor of Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous okrug — Ugra Natalya Komarova, the headship of Ugra Chess Federation for the attention paid to our kind of sport. There is no doubt that the World Chess Cup 2011 will lead to the further popularization of chess in Ugra land.

On behalf of the headship of the World Chess Federation I congratulate you with the beginning of the tournament and I wish you health, inspiration and splendid victories!

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

Greetings of the Director of the Department of physical culture and sports of  Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous okrug-Ugra

Dear guests of Ugra land!

With all my heart let me welcome all the guests and participants of the World Chess Cup 2011. I am also happy to welcome all fans of this amazing game! Already three times Ugra has hosted the World Cups, which were organized in Russia for the first time ever. The battles of the 39 World Chess Olympiad were witnessed here as well. The tournament which will take pace now in the heart of Siberian taiga became a traditional in the World Chess Federation Calendar. This fact crowds our hearts with pride.

The best chess players from more than 40 countries will fight for the World Chess Cup 2011 already for the 4th time on Ugra land. I would like to wish unpredictable combinations, emotional games and uncompromised battles till the last move to all participants. Thanks to you chess in Ugra has gained more fans, supporters and new talents. This sport becomes more popular. I am sure that no one could predict the winner of the main trophy. Every participant will do its best to reach the goal.

Good luck and brilliant performance!

Evgeny Redkin

Welcoming Speech of the Director of AE «UgraMegaSport»

Dear participants of the tournament!

This is the 4th time that Khanty-Mansiysk is hosting the World Chess Cup. It is a pleasure to realize that the right to hold such meaningful international events is given to the capital of Ugra and at the same time it is a huge responsibility. I am confident that professionals of this ancient game will perform their mastership and we will do our utmost to provide them with proper conditions.

We have an opportunity to witness this bright and tense struggle of chess legends. This is not only a breathtaking competition, but also one of the ways of sport popularization. I do hope that the World Cup will contribute to the development of chess as a sport in Ugra and the number of chess players and amateurs here will increase.

I sincerely wish the participants of the tournament success and great chess battles!

Viacheslav Zhuravlev



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