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This is what the main director of Internet online translation of the World Chess Cup 2011 stated in her interview which she had given several hours before the start of the Opening Ceremony on 27 August.

The chess tournament of World Cup level gathers a large fan auditory from all over the world. Now in the century of widespread expansion of Internet everyone can become a member of an interesting event only by visiting the official site of the tournament. The Executive Directorate of the Organizing Committee of the World Cup and the World Chess Federation invited the specialists with rich experience of this kind of work specially to organize the video translations via the «global net».

According to Kira Tauberg, the company has started to conduct the translations rather recently — a year and a half ago. But it has achieved great success in this sphere. In the company’s record of service one can count such events as Saint Petersburg Economic Forum, X International Investment Forum «Sochi 2011», and World Economic Forum in Davos. Besides the company is a holder of the «Digital October» centre which is located in Moscow. The centre became the venue where the technological conferences like «TechCrunch» are organized. In the «Digital October» the Innovation Commission meetings with participation of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev usually take place.

The company is in good cooperation with FIDE and Russian Chess Federation. Its specialists organized the translation of the Tal Memorial 2010, the Super Finals in Moscow, Candidate Matches in Kazan,. After the World Cup 2011 in Khanty Mansiysk the company team will start preparing for the International Tournament devoted to the 100s anniversary of Botvinnik and next Tal Memorial tournament.

The particularity of a chess game translation is the following: a chess game lasts rather long — about 5−6 hours. As long as the «picture» should match a commentator’s game, a camera man should switch from one game to another. Also it is very important to show the game dynamic and the battle intensity. «Our first consideration is that a game consecution would match the respective video sequence. A spectator should become a co-participant of what is going on at the chess board. That is why the stage managers who work at the chess tournaments are good in this kind of sport», — says Kira Tauberg.

She also mentioned that the best specialists of the company have been called on to Khanty Mansiysk. The most experienced camera men, stage managers and sound engineers of «Ugra» — the main TV company of Khanty Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug — have been involved into the organization of the translations.

«I would like to wish to all the viewers who will follow the games online via Internet that all games would be interesting and complicated. Let every visitor of the Official Site get a real pleasure from the games which we will witness already tomorrow. I hope that the viewers could feel the drive and intrigue of the chess battles in Khanty Mansiysk», — this is what the main director of Internet translations Kira Tauberg wished.


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