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Chess style — the latest trend of Ugorian Fashion

The PR director of the «International Fashion Center» Anna Naumova shared with us their plans to exhilarate the Ugorian fashionmongers at the Opening Ceremony of the World Chess Cup 2011.


— «International Fashion Center» was involved into the opening of the 39th World Chess Olympiad having produced 160 fur outfits for those who carried flags of the countries-participants. What are you preparing for this opening ceremony and how will you surprise us?  — At this ceremony spectators will witness part of the collection «Black and White» that was worked out by our center in 2010 especially for the occasion of the World Olympiad. This collection was shown in October 2010 during the fashion week in Moscow. The thing is that people of Ugra have not seen it yet and they will have the first chance to do it namely on the occasion of the coming World Cup 2011.

 — Could you please tell us a bit more about this collection? What is its main highlight?

- The designer of this collection compares life with chess where two controversial sides as black and white, unpredictability and intention as well as logic and poetry co-exist in harmony. By matching two colors the author combined the flow of lines and geometrical preciseness, rough contradiction and graceful art. The presentation of the costume is very interesting: the models have their faces covered. From one hand, it permits us to concentrate all our attention on the outfit and on the other hand, resembles chess pieces. Despite of the fact that the collection is thematic, many outfits can be used in everyday life and on special occasions that was marked by the critics and experts of mode during the Fashion Week in Moscow.

It is worth saying that according to the results of the previous year the collection «Black and White» won the Grand Prix of the most prestigious Russian competition in design sphere «Russian Victoria».

-Who makes costume sketches for the World Cup opening ceremony? Are they professional designers or beginners? — As for Hot Couture Fashion Weeks, the collections are prepared by the professional designer, member of the Designers Union of the Russian Federation Elena Skakun. As for the preparation of collections in our workroom is concerned, it is our experimental department headed by Svetlana Guschina. Also the «International Fashion Center» employs the beginning designers in the frames of various competitions and actions, including international events, on a regular basis, thus providing conditions for promoting talented young people.

— Does the participation in such events help the development of your center? Did you have any international customers after the World Chess Olympiad? — The fact that our center has an international status is not for nothing. Such events are very interesting and useful for us, because we have an opportunity to set our region on a high level that is the aim of our activity and being very proud of it we are doing it with great pleasure.


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