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The World Cup press centre has made a present to the visitors of the official site of the tournament. First time during the tournament the opportunity to see those whose voices we hear during online broadcast of the games.

The English Commentators Konstantin Landa and Anna Sharevich showed themselves to the entire chess world at the press conference.

— Spiteful tongues say that Konstantin Landa speaks Russian. Is that true?

Konstantin: Yes, thank you so much for the opportunity to speak Russian. Working in the commentary room, commenting the games in English, you start forgetting your native language.

— Kostya, now we know that you are not only smart but also handsome. However, I am sure you will not get offended that the entire world would like to see your colleague Anna Sharevich. Anna, how difficult is the work at the World Cup for you?

Anna: First of all I would like to welcome our audience. I would also like to thank the press centre for the given opportunity to talk in Russian. I miss this language very much. As far as my work is concerned, it is very interesting. It is not so much difficult as it is new for me. It is a good experience. Truly speaking I have an impression that during our comments we establish friendly relations with our listeners. I feel it.

— Kostya, during the game comments you often predict the moves of the strong Grandmasters. What is your secret? Is it in the big experience you have gained before or you are using the computer tips?

Konstantin: The big experience plays an important role. I am a professional chess player and besides I comment chess games for many years. I was working a lot for the site commenting games in the written form. As for the chess programs, I will honestly say that Anna and me just don’t have time to consult them. We analyze games in English, we discuss some events in the chess world, and so, we don’t manage to open the chess programs. Thus, we rely on our experience.

— Anna, what you do here in Khanty Mansiysk, is it a hard work or entertainment for you?

Anna: Just ten minutes earlier we discussed it with Kostya. I told him that if the tournament finished today, I would miss it very much. I did not expect that after one month of work in the commentary room, we will not be bored with each other, but on the contrary, it will be the start of our good friendly relations. That is why now the work is a pleasure for me. I enjoy what I do here.

— Kostya, after each day of 6 hours working, have you gained a so called «intellectual chemistry» with Anna?

Konstantin: I don’t know what you mean by «intellectual chemistry». I have to admit that Anna has an amazing intuition. She spouts with such ideas which would never occur in the men’s mind.

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