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The participants of the World Cup were asked the following question several times: «Have you had time to enjoy the beauty of Ugra? What local sight seeing did you like the most?». Usually our sportsmen sounded sad when answering this question: chess battles take too much of their energy and time and they don’t have enough time to go for a walk to the most picturesque places of Khanty-Mansiysk.

I found a solution to the problem. Since the guests of the Ugorian capital do not have such an opportunity to witness the beauties of the city themselves, I will arrange a virtual excursion for them! So, ladies and gentlemen, let me present Khanty-Mansiysk to your attention — the city on seven hills.

Tamila Musaeva

Our first stop is city embankment.  Favorite place of loving hearts …

The first thing that you pay attention at is the monument devoted to the researches of Siberia

Vitus Jonassen Bering (1681 — 1741), the captain-commandeur of the Russian Fleet, polar sailor, researcher of Siberia, the head of great Northern expeditions in 1725 and 1733.

Dmitry Leontievich Ovtsyn (1708 — 1757), naval mariner, captain of the IInd rank, the participants of the great Northern Expedition from 1733, the commander of the commandant of Ob-Yenisei troops

Gerard Frederick Miller (1705 — 1783), Russian academician, historian, cartographer and traveler.  He is also a researcher of Siberia — Berezovo-Kamenogorsk — Nerchinsk — Yakutsk.

Daniel Gottlieb Messerschmidt (1685 — 1735), Doctor of Medicine, researcher-naturalist, founder of Siberian archeology

Fragile Assol in men’s severe company

The personage of the novel by Alexander Green «Scarlet Sail» meets and sees off  Ugorian ships

Together with disappearing cruiser we are sailing off looking forward for new impressions

The favorite fountain of the local children is situated on the Liberty Square in Samarovo, the historical part of Khanty-Mansiysk. Recently this fountain has been filled up with …foam! Children’s nature is so curious, so they add some detergent into the architectural monument and watch the bubbles flying away over the square.

There is a huge 12-meters monument at the foot of the mountain dedicated to the founders of the city — general Ivan Mansurov, ataman Nikita Pan and Khantyisky prince Samar. The historical part of the city was given the name in his honor.

After climbing the highest hill of Khanty-Mansiysk we find ourselves on the viewing area with an incredible architectural monument — Stella pyramid — in honor of Ugra founders.

It is fascinating to see the picturesque view when you are standing right over the scant cliff!

Meanwhile the cruiser continues its journey ….

Cute squirrels live right in the city and are not afraid of photographers any more

Having said good bye to our new friend, we go to conquer another peak…

…. And the name of the peak is «Centre of winter games named after Alexander Filipenko»

The centre annually welcomes the biathlon stars who participate in the international competitions of different scale.

These tribunes are occupied by the biathlon lovers every winter who come to support the Russian sportsmen.

The sports ground are surrounded by an unusual nature beauty. It is still wonderful and mysterious during winter.

While there is no snow, the track is being repaired

Leaving «Centre of winter games», we are saying bye-bye to the great Ugra biathlonists.

The last venue of our sightseeing program is the Church which is erected on one of the seven hills of the city. This Church is dedicated to the great Christian holiday — Resurrection of Christ

The unique «Orthodox park», the only one in Russia is found in the territory of the Church complex.


Here, going to the down town one can read and recollect the Ten Commandments.

Being on the top of the hill one can enjoy the beauty of the city centre — Central Square with its bright and creative architectural buildings. Looking at it one cannot imagine that 10−12 years ago the old wooden houses were found there instead of the new infrastructure.

It is hard to believe but this house was on the place where the Central Square is nowadays.

Thanks to the Ugra Governor Natalia Komarova and ex Okrug leader Alexander Filipenko the local citizens’ dream becomes true. The modern constructions which gladden our eyes come up to replace the old wooden houses. The city develops and grows up. The small Siberian city Khanty Mansiysk welcomes its guests with warmness and love. It will be again happy to see you on the hospitable Ugra land.







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