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Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine) and Alexander Grischuk (Russia) were unable to determine the winner in two classical games, and will continue the match on tie-breaks.

Despite tiredness, both players attended the press-conference and discussed the second game of the match.

— Alexander, could you tell us about the game?

Grschuk: I liked my position at first, but then I made something inexplicable, a complete nonsense, and had to give up a queen in a very difficult position. I blundered 30.Bb7, but the critical moment of the game occurred when Vassily took an exchange on c8. He played 32.Qd4, and after 32…h5 winning is very difficult for White; maybe Black even has a fortress. The right move is 32.g4.

— Are you happy with the outcome?

Grischuk: Well, I never had any winning chances, but could lose very easily...

— Vassily, do you agree that 32.g4 instead of 32.Qd4 gives White better winning chances?

Ivanchuk: Maybe, but there is no forced win there either... 32...Bxg4 33.Qf6+ Kg8 34.Qxh5 Bf5... It is quite possible that 32.g4 is better.

— Did you feel you had the initiative during the game?

Ivanchuk: I had some advantage, but wasn't sure if I had anything real of the opponent defends accurately.

— When Alexander was down to just a couple of minutes, were you tempted to utilize his time trouble?

Ivanchuk: I also was quite short on time, so I tried to play according to the position.

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