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The triumphal  parade of Judit Polgar of Hungary was stopped by the Russian Peter Svidler. In the second game of the 5th Round he managed to find a way to fight against the unruly chess player.

— Judit, what did not you manage to do in the match?

Polgar: I cannot say that luck was not on my side today. For me it was a surprise yesterday that my color was Black. I did not know that after the match against Karjakin, according to the rules I had to take his color and that the first round of the quarterfinals I have to play Black. I think still I managed to cope with this unexpected situation — thanks to my serious preparation to the game against Peter.

I think I got good position in the second game but overestimated my chances somewhere. After move 36…Rd5 I just gave up because it was clear that I cannot improve my position. Here Peter took his chances and played e4 and everything sharply changed. I stepped on one of the mines on the mine field which Peter has prepared for me.  I had several seconds left and I could not find the best defense and soon I had to resign.

-          Peter, was it difficult to fight against Judit Polgar?

Svidler: It is historical the case that all the games against Judit go on in a tough fight. This time was not easy as well. I got prepared to my first game in my style: analyzed move d5 in all variations except for the one which occurred on board. That is why I did not have any constructive plan, and we had senseless draw in 15 moves.

The choice of Sicilian defense in the second game was not due to my wish to surprise my opponent but a wish a bloody fight. I though that ater 1…e5 there will be a borin pawn to pawn game and perhaps I would make a draw. But the match against Kamsky gave me an idea to play longer, richer in a way. The position seemed to be dangerous for I did not manage to deal with it right away. I spent about 25 minutes for my move 10…Rc8 and as a result was anyway unhappy with it. Perhaps I should have played 10…g6 but the variations could not puzzle in my mind. That is why I could not find anything better than taking a pawn. After that White had a full compensation of course. I had to defend very accurately not to fall apart. After an exchange one pair of Rooks I thought the position was objectively equal. There was a moment when White was about to make move repetition and reach a draw. I thought it would have been a logical result of the battle. When I occupied 7th line with my Rook, pawn on f7 had got an additional defense (If necessary I could have moved back Kf8) and the queen flank pawns would not have been accessible. Here I understood that nothing threatens me. Later on Judit made a couple of imprecise moves and initially drawish position was transferring to the winning one. I could not realize that my plan would work. But as a result there was an interesting and mutually sharpened game.

-          Judit, with what feelings are you leaving Khanty Mansiysk?

Polgar: now it is not an appropriate moment for such a question. But for I am leaving soon, I would share my emotions with you. I will have only positive recollections of the World Cup. The tournament was organized on a very high level. I think that the online transmission with Grandmasters’ comments is a dream for every chess lover. Besides it is also very important for chess players. We are pleased to feel respect to what we are doing.

I personally am very happy that was participating in the World Cup. I had the interesting matches here. The most special for me were the games against Karjakin. The toughest game I had was against Dominguez. Now I will need some time to recover, to analyze my mistakes and to have some rest. I am glad that soon I will see my husband and kids.  I would also like to wish to Peter a lot of strength, energy and luck! He will need them in the semifinals.

— Peter, it turned out that the semifinal of this tournament is the highest stage that you managed to reach by now?

Svidler: yes, indeed. In 2007 I was eliminated after the 1/8 of the finals, in 2009 — in the quarterfinals. Now I am in the semifinals. Now I don’t have a chance to be eliminated, there is only one way — to win. There is no single sense to finish the World Cup not being a winner. If you lose, you will not go home anyway (laughing)

— Do you have enough soap operas in your PC?

Svidler: I have enough for many years ahead. I have brought them all with me.

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