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The opponent of Vugar Gashimov in 1/8 of the finals — Peter Heine Nilsen — does not doubt that the Azeri Grandmaster is the favorite of the tournament.

— Vugar, the match was tense and nervous. What was the reason?

Gashimov: It is all because of my opponent, he was playing brilliantly at some points. In principle all games turned out to be interesting. I think that we played this match on a very high level. But it also turned out that my opponent was the last to make a mistake and I managed to win.

— Peter-Heine, despite today’s game, the tournament was lucky for you. Do you agree with that?

Nielsen: In principle I am satisfied with my performance at the World Cup. But of course I am upset after today’s loss. I was trying my best and even managed to press my opponent at some points. But unfortunately it was not enough…

— What do you think whether your opponent is able to win the World Cup?

Nielsen: One thing I am sure about is that Vugar is one of the favorites of the tournament. He is able to go far. Of course we should take into account other participants as well. But Vugar is one of the favorites of the World Cup and so far he manages to win all his games with White. If he continues like that, he has big chances to win the tournament.

— Vugar, in this moment it is being defined who will be your next opponent? Any preferences?

Gashimov: Truly speaking I don’t think about it. The thing is that it does not matter who will be your next opponent but your performance does.


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