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The 4th Round is coming to its end which means that the number of pretenders for the Cup will be decreased to 8.

As a result of classical games, three musketeers have managed to qualify to the quarter finals: the Russian Peter Svidler, the Azeri Teimur Rajabov and the Czech David Navara. Their opponents Gata Kamsky, Dmitry Jakovenko and Yaroslav Zherebukh respectfully are leaving the knock out. The rest of the participants will continue fighting for the next round in the tie breaks. The second game of the 4th Round was fantastic and fascinating. Several participants managed to do an unbelievable: they played off after the first defeat.

Maria Fominykh


The attentiveness test — can you guess whose game it is?

This is the right answer — here it is: the Russian derby Potkin — Grischuk

Alexander Grischuk managed to equalize the score in the second game. Their fight will continue in the rapid chess.

Peter-Heine Nilsen needed to make 113 moves to win the game against Vugar Gashimov. Tired but happy, Peter-Heine came to the press conference to tell us that he will rest a bit before the tie breaks.

Vugar Gashimov: happiness was so close!

It is the first tie breaks for Vugar at the World Cup 2011

Judit Polgar and her second Zoltan Almasi are getting ready for a fight

Lenier Dominguez has to make a draw to qualify to the next round.

The opening of this game was in favor for Black. The Cuban player was thinking too much and got into a time trouble. In the endgame they had a strange correlation: two rooks against two bishops. Polgar outplayed her opponent. The Black Bishops controlled the board and later on Dominguez’s position became absolutely losing. The mutual time trouble added sharpness to the fascinating game. When clocks were showing seconds the mistakes were raining down out of horn of plenty. At the beginning Judit failed to see the checkmate in one move. Later on Lenier did not see the saving stalemate. As a result they had a position: Rook and Bishop against Rook. Lenier had some chances to make a draw but he should take his King out of checkmate trap.

When agitated Judit started to repeat the moves, the press centre started to stake: whether the great chess player will find a checkmate? I have to admit that I put mine on Judit. I really wanted that the only female chess player will continue her tournament.

Judit Polgar manage to win back…. And went to change her tickets. In the evening I saw her with her second in the travel agency of our hotel. Judit has a very strong character, but as it occurred she is very superstitious.

Bu Xianzhi played 95-move battle against Vasily Ivanchuk which ended in a perpetual check. The score is equal so far.

Vasily Ivanchuk

Ruslan Ponomariov could not win Lazaro Bruzon with White and also declared a perpetual check.

Lazaro Bruzon was not considered as a favorite before the start of the tournament.

If he manages to outplay Ruslan Ponomariov, his name will be remembered for a long time. But he has to win in the tie breaks to achieve that.

The young Yaroslav Zherebukh could not win back in the match against David Navara. But he still considers his performance very successful.

Yaroslav Zherebukh and David Navara

Gata Kamsky did his best to win back the game against Svidler. But he missed the dangerous counter play and got under attack.

Peter beat his opponent hollow and got an additional rest day. In his notebook there are so many movies and series which he will watch one day…

According to Svidler’d words in the next round an uncomfortable opponent will face him: either Polgar or Dominguez. So far the Russian player is just happy after the victory

The last Ugra representative Dmitry Jakovenko is leaving the knock out tournament. According to his words he has no strength anymore even to watch the tournament

After the round finished, there was a Mayor reception given by Vasily Filipenko. Among guests there were politicians, officials, journalists, artists. Only Dmitry Jakovenko and David Navara came to the reception.

Vasily Filipenko surrounded by the press center and FIDE secretariat

David Navara is always polite and open to talk



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