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The second game of the 4th Round between Dmitry Jakovenko (Russia) and Teimour Radjabov (Azerbaijan) was drawn. The strongest Ugorian chess player after his loss in the first game is leaving the tournament.

Dmitry told the journalists what prevented him from winning the second game at the press conference.

— Dmitry, the game was rather lucky for you up to the 4th round: you outplayed the strongest opponents and moreover, it was in the classical chess. What did not you manage to do in the match with Teimour? — First of all, with every round the opponents were becoming stronger. Besides, this is a knock out system where any mistake can be crucial. During the first game with Radjabov I made a mistake and did not find a stronger development. After this moment I did not have enough chances to win in the match.

 — In the second game you were struggling against the King’s Indian Defense, the brand opening of Radjabov. Didn’t you want to avoid the development of this opening? — I thought the King’s Indian Defense to be a very good variation for me, you know, Teimour is also playing the Queen’s Gambit. But unfortunately, I have committed an imprecise move very early and then tried to gain at least some minimum advantage. At one moment it seemed to me that I had a chance to win, but Teimour made a very intelligent move with King on g7 and after that the position was equaled.

-  Are you going to stay here and support any of the remaining participants or are you going to go back home? — I miss home very much, that is why I am planning to leave right away. I am not sure whether I will be following the tournament matches at home; because the competition took too much of my energy and I would like to get some rest.

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