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The young Ukrainian chess player Yaroslav Zherebukh lost to David Navara (Czech Republic). The ex opponents met with the journalists after the tense game.

— David, how difficult was the match for you?

— Navara: The match was not easy. I was lucky that in the first game Yaroslav blundered an exchange. In the second game he also made several mistakes but even after it he had some chances to make a draw. However I managed to win. I would like to mention that Yaroslav is a very talented young player and a good future is ahead of him. I think that in further competitions he will make great success.

— Yaroslav, despite this defeat, can you say that the tournament was successful for you?

— Zherebukh: Of course. I think that the most decisive was my first game against Navara, I made a lot of mistakes. To outplay such a high class chess player like David is not easy for anyone. Despite it, the tournament is over for me but I am glad that I participated in the World Cup and watched the games of the great chess players.

— To your mind is David in good or perfect shape?

— Zherebukh: It is not easy to answer it. I would say that to my mind a sportsman who presented a draw to his opponent and won the tie breaks with confidence — is a real professional. David is in good shape/

— David, who is your next opponent? — Navara: I think it is Grandmaster Grischuk. Of course he will have to play tie breaks against Potkin.


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