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Peter Svidler who beat Gata Kamsky hollow was emotionally discussing the «fair play» of Navara and Moiseenko at the press conference.

Following the Czech Grandmaster Peter made the interpreters’ life easier, answering questions in two languages.

-          Peter, how was the battle going?

Peter: In the first game I won an absolute equal endgame. Truly speaking I got already accustomed that in general I lose to Gata this way: at the beginning it seems that I have a usual position, then I get tired and blunder something and the game is over. But to my surprise I could manage to do this in my favor now and I was really very much surprised. In the second game I was trying to make a forced draw, I made a tactical operation in the opening after which I was one pawn down. Further on, Gata made a combination which seemed to him winning. He could have won the game if not my idea which I managed to fulfill. The match was very interesting and rich. The result cannot show the full sense of our battle. Though it is very pleasant to win 2−0 over such strong chess player like Gata Kamsky.

-          How is the World Cup going for you in general?

Peter: After two hard tie breaks I will finally have a rest day. I will have a chance to relax, to recover.

-          What series that you watch help you in this tournament?

Peter: I watched «Doctor Who» in the morning, good series. I did not have anything special to do, did not want to get prepared. So I was tidying up my computer.

-          Last World Cup «Bones» helped you?

Peter: no, I have not started watching «Bones». It is a very long story with this series. If I start watching it now, it is a work for the whole month.

-          Yesterday Alexander Moiseenko and David Navara got a special prize «Fair play». Your opinion on this situation?

Peter: I think that my opinion will not make me popular in this building. I don’t want to criticize anyone, but would say that I don’t hold the opinion of others. David is a man of hypertrophic nobility. It is a very traumatic situation for him. He is very much stressed (usually with no reason) and worries that he will make something wrong. At that moment his worries took half a point from him and made him work the next day. There are FIDE rules and regulations which state how one should behave in this kind of situation: touch — move. It is clear that it was made absolutely incidentally. David was not going to move his King. The Arbiters should have controlled this situation, which, to my mind, should not occur in principle. Though I know David very well, I don’t think that the arbiters could do something — David would not let them score a point for him. In general, I think this kind of situation should not occur at all. And moreover it should not be discussed in some conversations, talks between two players. There are the Statutes where it is stated: touch — move, it works in the situations if one really intended to make a move with a piece he touches. Maybe I don’t interpret the FIDE regulations correctly. Though I read a couple of comments in Internet by the arbiters who say that the Navara case does not refer to «touch-move».

I like David very much but if no one pushes him to move your King, why he punishes himself for absolutely nothing after 7 hours of the game. Of course, luckily the situation was ended up wonderfully. The story became a topic of a discussion and this is very good that it would be advertized. David’s reputation which is already brilliant will become inaccessible. But still, on my opinion, this should not have happened.

-          Who is your next opponent?

The winner of the match Dominguez-Polgar. Lenier won the first game and the sharpest battle is going on now. Dominguez sacrificed a piece... I cannot understand being not there!

-          Will it be more psychologically easy to play against Lenier?

Peter: I have a bad score against each other. I have −1 with Lenier, without a victory. With Judit it is a long story of interrelations. At some point I had «-6» even, but later on the situation became better. In general the match with each of them will not be easy for me.


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