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The tie break games of the third Round David Navara (Czech Republic) vs Alexander Moiseenko (the Ukraine) finished with a victory of the Czech chess player.

At the press conference the opponents told the journalists on the details of their sensational second game of the match.

— The whole world is discussing what has happened during the second game of your match. What is your version?

Navara: On move 35 I touched two pieces by accident. In fact I wanted to play Bishop d6, but touched my king accidentally. My opponent saw that I touched my king but agreed to accept my move. Though he has a full right to insist on move with King. This way the game will end with his victory. As a result, I got a winning position. But my conscience did not let me finish the game in my favor and I offered a draw. I think it was fair.

Moiseenko: it was rather interesting game. When David touched his King it was clear that he did it by accident and wanted to move his Bishop. He was taking it very hard. That is why I condoned it and decided to continue the game.

— Alexander, did you realize at that moment that everything can finish right there and you will not qualify to the next round?

Moiseenko: I did not think about that. We had a very fighting position and I did not want to win this way. David is a very good fellow and I did not finish the game. Truly speaking I was surprised when he offered a draw. This is an act of chivalry indeed. My congratulations to David and I wish him a great success at the World Cup!

— Do you know that the Ugra Governor’s Natalia Komarova, having known about this situation, have established the special prize «Fair play» and would like to hand it to both of you soon?

Navara: Yes, I read about it on the official tournament site

Moiseenko: Yes, I also read about it yesterday. Of course I was going to leave tomorrow. But now I will change my ticket. It is worth staying here, isn’t it?


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