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The strongest woman chess player of the planet Judit Polgar has proved to be in a perfect shape having defeated the favorite of the tournament Sergey Karjakin. She told journalists about the game development.

 — My opponent implemented Berlin Defense that he had already played against me at the Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk last year. I chose a rather rare continuation with Knight on e4. We developed a very tense detailed battle. As a rule, even slight, imperceptible at the first sight mistakes, in this variation can influence the overall result. Having missed the break through е5-е6, Sergey miscalculated at some point. My bishop broke the queen’s side and started attacking his pawns that got weak right away. The position of Black became hopeless very quickly and my opponent resigned.

—  Do you actually care who will be your next opponent? — Why wouldn’t I? I think that you have to prepare thoroughly for each opponent. Frankly speaking, it is more important for me to be prepared psychologically and therefore I try to concentrate on my game  more than on anything else.

— Will you reveal your secret to us — how do you prepare for the game psychologically? — I am a stable and calm person and this is exactly what helps me while preparing.

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