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The famous Spanish grandmaster managed to come back from the first game loss to Lazaro Bruzon (Cuba), but lost on the tie-break and is leaving the World Cup.

— Your World Cup performance was full of ups and downs, do you agree with that? — I think generally I played well, but couldn't finish the job at the critical moments. I had winning positions in almost every game, and the overall result is negative.

— Are you satisfied with your tournament? — Of course, I am not satisfied with my result, but I think I learned a lot, and new experience is always good.

— Did you like the city? Are you planning to come back? — I am quite sure I'll play here again because the city hosts so many big events. I am not happy to interrupt my presence here — losing always hurts, but, on the other hand, I missed home and am happy to have a rare chance to rest.

— Who is your favorite to win the World Cup? — Guessing the winner right is almost impossible, but I'd bet on Vugar Gashimov. I think he is a very calm player, and his opening preparation is excellent.

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