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One of the heroes of the 1 round Rueben Felgaer from Argentina came to the press conference to tell us how was the 2nd (unfortunately the last for him) round going for him.

 — Of course the second round was not that lucky for me as the first one.  I lost in the first game, for I was in the time trouble. I won the second match and it gave me the chance to try to win in the tie breaks.  Today I played badly. After I lost in the first game with Black I could not recover in the second rapid game playing White.

— What can you say about your young opponent? To your mind will how far will he be able to go? — It is very difficult to make any prognosis. Every player who managed to qualify by now is very strong by default. Everything can happen. As for my opponent, he is much focused on the game and spends a lot of energy. I think he has good chances.

— With what feelings are you leaving Khanty Mansiysk?

-  Good feelings. I am happy with my performance and with my first round. This is a very good experience to participate in such tournament.

— How many hours does your flight last?  — Around 15 hours, it is a very long trip.

— Have a nice flight, Rueben and good luck in chess!

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