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The winner of the battle Emil Sutovsky vs Evgeny Vorobiov was not defined after the classical games — there were two draws. Everything was decided in the second game of the tie breaks: Sutovsky won and was qualified to the second round.

— How were the tie breaks going for you?

Sutovsky: As a winner of the tie breaks, let me start. I can say that the match was absolutely equal. In classical and rapid games we both had chances to win. In the first classical game there was an equal position. Later on I went too far and had to defend but managed. The second game was also interesting though it was ended in a draw. Today Evgeny was playing very quickly in the first game and got a technically winning position. But since the game was rapid, he lost a rhythm sense at one point and let me defend. In the second game I managed to take over and despite the Black resistance I managed to gain a victory.

— Evgeny, do you agree with your opponent?

Vorobiov: We had the football game situation. If you don’t score a goal a goal is scored to you. First three games were fortunate for me. Playing white I had two «scoring moments». After these failures the fourth game was horrible for me, I was scored a goal.

— Emil, what is your feeling: does a tie break differ from a classical one?

Sutovsky: Of course tie breaks are more difficult to play. I am very happy that FIDE leadership satisfied our wishes and now we play two games instead of four. Four rapid games in a row are too much. Once you can stand it but to «go through hell» 7 times is very tense.

— Who will be your next opponent?

Sutovsky: The French Grandmaster Laurent Fressinet. His rating is over 2700 for a long time. He played his first round very confidently, outplaying Rinat Dzhumavaev from Kazakhstan. It speaks about the good shape of Laurent. Shortly before the World Cup he had a successful performance at the French Chess Championship. Earlier I played two games against him and they both were ended in a draw.

— Evgeny: what impressions about the city will you take with you?

Vorobiov: very good impressions. The meals in the playing hall are good; I have never seen this before. There are many beautiful buildings, fountains. The city is very green.

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