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The Russian Derby Mikhail Kobalia — Igor Lysyi ended in favor of the young participant: Lysyi made a draw in two classical games and won in both of the tie break games. At the press conference Igor told us how his game was going for him.

Lysyi: In the first classical game I managed to get an advantage. At some point I should have found a clear computer decision which I failed to find for I even did not take this move into consideration. On the second day Mikhail tried a novelty playing Black and I offered a draw, being unexpectedly caught. In the first tie break game I got a quick advantage in the opening but then made some incorrect decisions and my position was sharpened. I was lucky that Mikhail made several unfortunate moves in a row and the game was over almost in two moves.


— Are you mentally getting prepared for tomorrow’s game?

Lysyi: Yes, I don’t think about the tie breaks anymore. Tomorrow starts a new day again with no score advantage. In the next round I will have to face the American Grandmaster Alexander Ivanov. I will go now to see his previous games in order to plan some strategy against him. To say the truth before the tournament I was thinking only about the 1st round, I did not expect that could manage to go farther.


— How will you estimate the organization of the World Cup?

Lysyi: Everything is on a very high level. But it is not a surprise; it is not the first time when Khanty Mansiysk hosts the tournaments of the World Cup level. The city is not big but very nice. Of course I would like to go sightseeing. But since we prepare a lot before the games, we have no time for that.


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