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The Grandmaster from Argentina Rueben Felgaer told the journalists how his battle against the Russian chess player Vladimir Malakhov for the right to be qualified for the second round was going for him.

— Rueben, what did you feel when you lost your chance to win the first tie break game against Malakhov? — I felt horrible! My friend helped me during ten minutes break, he came up to me and supported. After that I decided that it is not time to give up, I have to fight.

— Did tie breaks take a lot of energy? — Both games took a lot of energy and frayed my nerves. All chess players are nervous during the whole tournament; no one can predict how it will go.

— Do you know your next opponent? — I think it will be the Ukrainian chess player Pavel Eljanov.

— You know that he has lost his first game to his young compatriot Jaroslav Zherebukh? (Felgaer won his second game very quickly while the game of two Ukrainians was on the way still — editor’s  remark) — Ah yes? I did not know. Then let’s wait till the end of the game.

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