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The co-authors of the brightest sensation of the 1st Round, Samuel Shankland (USA) and Peter Leko (HUN), answered the questions of the journalists right after the 2nd Game.

— One of the main favorites of the tournament Peter Leko is leaving Khanty-Mansiysk. Peter, how did it happen?

Leko: I will have more time to prepare for the tournament in Saratov that will take place in October! Of course, it is unpleasant to lose already in the 1st Round and moreover so ridiculously. Yesterday I had a brilliant position that was close to the winning one but I lost the game. The next day I played Black and it was very hard to lead the game. I tried an experimental variation, but my opponent played well and did not leave me any chances to gain the initiative. Finally I took more risks than it was possible and found myself in the losing position.

— Samuel, when you were coming to the game yesterday did you feel that everything would go so fantastically successful?

Shankland: In fact, I did not expect that I would be able to win. Now I will have to change my ticket. I simply tried to do my best in the first round and here is the result.

— Samuel, your name is not very well known in the chess community, will you please tell us something about you and your personal chess achievements.

Shankland: I like to play chess, however I don’t consider myself to be a professional player. Last year I entered a college and quit professional chess. It turns out that the less I play chess — the better I perform!


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