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The Ugorian Chess Academy

The Ugorian Chess Academy was built by OJSC «Gazprom neft» through the program «Gazprom for children». The modern energy — conservative technologies and engineering solutions were used in the process of the construction of the building, they provided the complex with the multi-functional usage, and they allow to reduce the expenses for power consumption and conditioning of the building. The unique three-level building without sharp corners styled as a chess piece was built in the capital of Ugra during two years upon the project of the famous Dutch architect Erick Van Egeraat.

The construction activity started in 2008 and finished in 2010 as a part of the agreement about the cooperation between Ugra and OJSC «Gazprom». The Academy consists of 2 classrooms and 1 computer classroom with 25 tables and of a special transformer hall. The square of the building is 2845 m² which is occupied by class rooms and different halls equipped the last word in education and IT technologies.  There is a hall, a café-bar, a computer classroom and a room with the items of the children’s crafts on a topic of chess on the ground floor.

Almost the whole first floor is occupied with the transformer hall with 128 seats and service rooms. There is a fold stand for spectators, the size of it can be regulated. This building allows to organize the competitions of different level, about 300 chess players can play here at one and the same time.

In September 2010 the General Assembly and the 81st FIDE Congress took place in the Academy as a part of the 39th World Chess Olympiad.

In August 2011 the World Chess Cup 2011 will take place in the Ugorian Chess Academy. There will be a playing hall, FIDE representatives’ offices, an international office, a press-center, a hall of the game analysis and other departments of the Executive Directorate.

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