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Vassily Ivanchuk won the match against Ruslan Ponomariov and became a holder of the third ticket to the World Championship cycle. After a tough  fourth game where Ivachuk managed to secure half a point, Grandmaster met with the journalists.

— Vassily, our congratulations with the victory in this match. Do you feel lucky now?

Of course. But I felt lucky before as well.

— Tell us about the decisive game of today?

My opponent outplayed me. My position was very complicated. Ruslan was very close to win, but luck was on my side.

— Was this match difficult for you?

Every match was difficult  its own way. I cannot say that for instance matches against Rajabov or Grischuk were easier.

— How important is the participation in the World Championship for you?

Of course it is very important to take part in the Candidates’ matches.

— May we say that the new stage in your career has started?

I don’t know what to say. In three days another tournament will commence — finals of the Great Slam. It is a tournament with six participants. Among them are Aronian, Carlssen, Nakamura, Valljeho Pons and Anand.

— Tell us a bit about your second?

Grandmaster from the Ukraine Orest Gritsak has been helping me since long time ago. Before he used to live in Lvov but now he moved to Lutsk.

— Did you like playing in Khanty Mansiysk? Did you feel support here?

Khanty Mansiysk is wonderful city. It is a great pleasure to spend such a long time here. I hope this is not only my opinion; other participants would also agree with me. I would like to wish further prosperity not only to this city but to all Ugra people.


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