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The third game of the decisive Round did not bring any sensation. No one believed that the fight will be over this day — so the match was continued. Now we have a question: whether everything will be decided in the classical games or tie breaks are ahead?

Maria Fominykh

No matter how interesting, fascinating and fantastic the tournament turns to be — everyone got very much tired already. Grandmasters as well as those who make this festival for the chess fans. Despite anything, as the famous «Queen» sings: «show must go on».

During the third game of the finals the Executive Director of the Organizing Committee Vyacheslav Zhuravlev paid a visit to us. Together with the Press Officer of the tournament Nikita Kim they decided to play a chess game, they tried to play very accurately not to erase the autographs of chess stars.

A small technical meeting: the respective gentlemen and arbiters Mikhail Kryukov and Ashot Vardapetian. Vyacheslav was happy with the work — everything is well organized, without blunders. He expressed his full satisfaction with video broadcast and said that next time there will more cameras in the Hall in order to enable the spectators to feel an effect of presence at the tournament.

Not a single important World Cup guest passes by the commentary studio. How one can avoid it?

This time our commentators became guests. At the press conference Konstantin Landa and Anna Sharevich decided to speak Russian.

Valery Ioshan and Sergey Shipov became a real team during a month of mutual work.

It is joyful and lively in the press centre as usual. There is an ideal silence in the Playing Hall. It is not time to joke during the finals.

Peter Svidler has stopped his victorious Black series, however, he still keeps the advantage in score.

It is a pleasure that the finalists always come together to the press conferences. Svidler even started translating himself as well as Grischuk. Besides, when translating the variations, he was also explaining and adding something.

The journalist from Surgut had some questions to our heroes even after the online press conference.

In the game with White Ivanchuk, according to his own words, mixed up something after the opening and was left one pawn down and thus was suffering the whole game.

Ponomariov got an extra pawn but was not that precise in the realization and let Ivanchuk exchange almost all the pieces and pawns.

Vassily’s suffering for his 0.5 was not in vain, one more draw and Ivanchuk will have a ticket to the Candidates Cycle.

The TV team members have their own match. If they face a complicated position — they have Houdini that dictates moves into the headphones.

The operator Andrey and the system administrator Ilya have come to understand the moves during the time of their work at the World Cup.

The representatives of all generations come to the Academy to watch the games of Grandmasters.





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