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Other guests of the press centre are Russian speaking commentators Sergey Shipov and Valery Ioshan.

The Russian speaking audience of the World Cup official site have been listening their expressive game analyses during entire tournament. Today it is the first time when we can see them with our own eyes.

— Sergey, the battles of the Cup are coming to an end. What do you feel?

Shipov: I have the same feeling as a chess player after a long game. Which means I feel nothing. Sometimes you feel so tired that there is no difference if you win or lose. The most important is that you have done what you had to do and emotions come later. In fact Valery and me play the same games as the chess players do at the chess board. All variations, which tournament participant consider during their games, are considered by us online. So I feel very much tired now.

— Valery is it difficult to work as a partner of such a famous commentator as Sergey?

Ioshan: In fact I don’t work so far, I just study how to comment. I constantly ask Sergey when and what to say. So far it is not a real work for me; it is a chance to get a big experience. It helps me to develop myself and perhaps in the nearest future I will start commenting at our local tournaments. One may say that I have graduated from online school of Sergey Shipov.

— Sergey, online transmission is a new experience for you as well. What do you think chess needs such transmissions?

Shipov: No doubt such kind of transmission is a big challenge for me as for a commentator. Before I commented the chess games in the written format as Konstantin Landa also does. It is much easier to transfer your emotions to the key board rather than speak up nonstop without a right to make any mistake. You are under big pressure all the time, but I got accustomed to this already.

Whenever a chess spectator would be: in Arkhangelsk, Moscow, in Toronto or Sidney, most of the times a site visitor sits at the computer and watches the monitor trying to analyze what is happening at the tournament in Khanty Mansiysk. Our task with Valery is to create an effect of a presence, to involve every spectator in our dialogue, to make him a co-participant of what is going on. Unfortunately under the conditions our spectator has no chance to feedback, he can only hear us and see the playing hall.

During the next World Cup we should find the opportunity to have a feedback. For instance a chat on the official tournament site will do. If there is a chance to express an opinion and to two-way communicate and discuss any of the moments, that would be wonderful. This is the future model, it has to be developed. The Internet visitors confirm that they would like to try this format of communication. Generally I think that chess has to go on the new level of webcast. We should attract spectators not to be in the end of the second dozen in the popularity list of sports. Though I am not sure about the rating standings. Most probably trampoline and tag-of-war are already ahead of us.

— Sergey, I would not agree with you. I don’t think that trampoline can even dream about 1.3 million of site visitors. By the way, Valery, how is it to know that you work for thousands of spectators?

Ioshan: I did not even know that we have so many listeners. Now this work is more honorable for me than before. Before I did not think about that, I was just trying to be helpful on the air, to make the transmission interesting.

— Should you are invited to make comments of the match for the World Champion title between Gelfand and Anand, would you agree? Will you work together in future again?

Ioshan: This kind of matches should be commented by the professionals. If Sergey agrees to work with me, I am ready to even make coffee for him to let him work in the comfortable conditions (laughing).

Shipov: For the start one should relax well and recover. When I was on my way to Khanty-Mansiysk, I knew theoretically that it would be a hard work. Now I feel it more deeply for my body tells me how hard my work is. I have not passed a newscaster’s school to speak 6 hours nonstop during 20 days. It is difficult indeed. I am sure that one should seriously get prepared to be able to work at such an event. I am sure that more commentators with more famous names will work for the final match. As far as I know Vladimir Kramnik offered his services to comment the World Chess Championship match. I just hope that he will agree to take me in his team: 5th reserve of 6th assistant. It is a great honor for us to comment any of the competitions. If the organizers hire us to work at the match, we will surely agree.

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