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The Ukrainian Grandmaster Vassily Ivanchuk is leading in score in the match against his compatriot Ruslan Ponomariov. The winner told the journalists on the flow of the game in his interview.

-Vassily, how did you manage to win with Black? — My opponent developed the opening in a rather unlucky way. After the moment when we exchanged queens, it became obvious that Black had a serious advantage. Frankly speaking when I captured with my Rook on f2, Ruslan managed to arrange his pieces and it seemed to me that he had enough compensation for a pawn. However, in the mutual time-trouble he made a rough mistake and the blow on g2 was decisive.

— Tell us please whether the victory inspires you? Do you feel that you are leading in the match? — I am not thinking about that so far. I will be thinking about the next game in the nearest future.

— Many journalists consider this match as continuation of your match with Ponomariov 10 years ago. Do you keep it in your mind or you don’t recall on it? — I do not recall on the events that took place such a long time ago.

— Question from photographer: do you like sea? If yes, do you prefer to swim or simply delight the picturesque views? — I like sea very much. Sometimes I swim and from time to time I simply relish its beauty. This year I played in the Greek League: the sea is marvelous there and all the conditions are met for the perfect rest.


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