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The first game of the match for the third place between the Ukrainian Grandmasters Vassily Ivanchuk and Ruslan Ponomariov finished in a draw.

Ponomariov: The game has just finished; it is difficult to say something without thorough analysis. The game turned out to be complicated enough; there was an unusual pawn structure with doubled pawns. It was difficult to realize who has a better position. Moving my pawn till e3, I hoped to get my game, but there were problems: my paen managed to enter the White camp but it could be lost easily.

— What do you think, Vassily, was it a quality game?

Ivanchuk: It is difficult to say about quality. In any case I made a mistake by move 41. Kf3. After 41 Bxf4 perhaps I had some chances to win: I was not risking anything. After this move my opponent forced a draw from the position of strength/

— A question not concerning chess. What books and movies did you bring with you?

Ivanchuk: I read books which I bought in the Church store here in Khanty Mansiysk.

Ponomariov: I read books of fantasy style. Reading helps to relax, to get asleep. If I watch movies from time to time, I choose the light ones. For instance, I can watch some movie after having a bath. Generally life is monotonous now, we are here to play. — A question from a photographer: do you dance? If yes, what dances do you dance?

Ivanchuk: once I was attending the dance section, but I don’t remember well how to dance. I remembered only the dances’ names:: cha-cha-cha, rumba…


Ponomariov: I never studied how to dance on a professional level. Sometimes we go out and dance with my girl friend. I am not a good dancer; she tries to show some motions to me. In principle, I like it. Should I have more time — I would probably take dances course.



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