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The semifinal match Russia — Ukraine started in Khanty-Mansiysk. The amateurs of the chess history have a good reason to recall on the previous matches of our heroes, to discuss them at the cup of coffee.

And then read its grounds in order to know «what happened, what will happen and what will quench the heart’s worries» at the Final of the World Cup 2011. However, most of the time in this modern world people meet and guess in forums. It is not crowded in the playing hall as well as in the café near the Chess Academy, but since the beginning of the tournament its official site was attended by almost one million visitors!

Reported by Maria Fominykh

This time Peter Svidler has a chance of playing off to revenge for the defeat in the semifinal of the World Championship 2001 in Moscow.

Is Peter playing this match keeping this in mind?

The Russian chess player avoided Berlin endgame in the first game, but it did not surprise Ponomariov — Black equaled the game and on the move 20 the game was drawn.

Ruslan was not that talkative after the game. He explained that after the moment when White lost the advantage of two bishops, it was the right time to offer a draw.

The play was developing in a more dynamic way in the second game, however, it lasted two moves more than the 1st one.

Alexander Grischuk set some problems in the French Defense, but several moves later the position was simplified and equaled very sharply. Alexander was not satisfied with his play in the middle game. He emphasized that the position reminded him the game with Morozevich at the Russian Team’s Championship in Dagomys where he missed the advantage almost in the same way.

Only at this World Cup we have so many associations with the past. Ivanchuk also has a reason to recall on the past …

After his defeat in the World Championship 2002 Finals Ivanchuk gave several very emotional interviews. Here is one of the quotations from his conversation with the journalist of «64-Chess Review»:

«Only one thing is sad in this situation: I consider myself to be stronger than my opponent. I am dreaming about the match-revenge in order to prove it. In case if we face each other at the chess board again, first of all, Ponomariov will not be «a cat in a poke» for me: I studied his weak and strong points during the match. Secondly, it is inevitable that Ruslan will change as a personality as well. He will have a more sensible view of situations in the chess game and if the position is hopeless, he would do as all super tournaments participants — he would resign instead of being stubborn as a boy as he was acting in the final match hoping for miracle. Miracles, as a rule, happen only once. And as for him, he has already had it once».

Each semifinalist is motivated in his own way. We can only suppose that the most important objective for all of them is to win the World Cup and the minimum aim of course is not to take the 4th place that does not give the right to play in the coming Candidates Cycle.

Short draws do not inspire you for writing, nevertheless, they offer you an opportunity to go for a walk around the city before it gets dark. I have discovered a symbolic statue near the museum of nature and human being.

Monday, 7 p.m., the roads are empty. One can forget about traffic jams that can be kilometers long.

Carved fence house near hotel «Ugra»

Showy but boring advertisement

The «decoration» of the tournament (from right to left): interpreters/translators Kema and Bambusha and FIDE Treasurer’s Assistant Danara.


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