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The Russian Alexander Grischuk was qualified to the semifinals by outplaying the Czech Grandmaster David Navara. The opponents summed up their match at the press conference.

— Alexander, tell us, what did you manage to do during the 5th round and what mistakes did you make?

Grischuk: In the first game I did not manage to do anything, and I lost by miracle the second one. Truly speaking at one point I did not think about the position for there was no sense. I already started thinking to buy my ticket home. But David missed a move with Bishop on c6, then got lost and again made a mistake.

In the opening I offered a draw at one point for I thought that I equalized the position. In fact I needed to find 2−3 precise moves after which I could offer a draw with a clear conscience. After the move Bb5 Black had got some problems and the position was getting worse.

As far as the tie breaks concern, in the first game David missed d5-d4, later the White had got an unpleasant position. He got lost in a way and I won easily. In the second rapid game I was playing as bad as I was doing it during my second classical one. White did a lot in order to lose. But in this case the safety factor in my position was much higher; we had an endgame which was unpleasant for me without a pawn. But he was close to make a draw and it was very easy for me to make it.

— David yesterday you failed to goal, today you were scored a goal.

Navara: right. Yesterday I became relaxed and lost in a winning position. Today I was ready to fight but I played badly in the opening of my first game.

— David, how will you recollect your days in Khanty Mansiysk?

Navara: I consider this tournament to be the biggest achievement in my sport career. Though I could not manage to go till the finals, but I will remember only good moments, about this city as well.

— Alexander, you did already play in the semifinals of the World Cups, you were on the 4th place, weren’t you?

Grischuk: Yes, twice I went till the semifinals, but in one I lost to Shirov and in another — to Ponomariov.

— Now it is very important to win, there are tickets to the Candidates matches.

Grischuk: it is more important for me to win the World Cup. I have already participated in the World Championship but there were no important victories in individual competitions so far.

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