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Every following game of the World Cup reminds the action movie. The passions are rising, the nerves are taut and the air is shuddered with the sound of chess players’ feet twanging under the tables.



Everything is possible now: while the chess gods are punishing for the unwillingness to fight, and the only woman of the tournament is outplaying the favorite, some of them do not accept the rules of the natural selection thus reminding the chess world that after all they are one family.


However, unfortunately, according to the rules of some soap operas scenario, there should be winners and defeated ones in every episode. This was exactly the case of the truly honorable deed of David Navara who could not but be blessed by the Fortune. The Czech Grandmaster is qualifying for the 4th Round along with other 9 Grandmasters.


"Fruito-Nanny" is preventing the Ukrainian Grandmasters from tension


The Cuban Grandmaster Lazaro Bruzon has introduced the new trend …


It is tacitly accepted to wear accreditation cards on the back.


The spectators’ seats get filled with new fans on a daily basis.


Leinier Dominguez is thinking over the way to outplay Igor Lysyj.


Peter-Heine Nielsen outplayed his Romanian opponent.


The most curious Peter Svidler.


The chess players as well as arbiters are allowed to «blunder» during the games.


Yaroslav Zherebukh was joking with his parents that he would reach at least the 4th round. And here you go! He did manage to outplay one of the favorites of the tournament. After the game Shakhriyar Mamedyarov tapped on the shoulder of his young opponent and wished him good luck in further battles.


The Georgian chess player Baadur Jobava became the hero of the press conference again — this time as the coach and mentor of Yaroslav.


Vladimir Potkin is speaking about the match against his compatriot Nikita Vitiugov in details.


This time he is frustrated, as a matter of fact, he is to face his group mate and friend Alexander Grischuk in the next round.


The cameramen always remain behind the shot, but they are always there to provide us with the high-quality one during online transmissions.


Ian Nepomniachtchi is watching the «victorious» conference of Potkin.


Igor Lysyj did not manage to resist the attack of the Cuban Grandmaster.


At the first sight it is not clear who the winner is


It is not for nothing that Ugra has been acknowledged the Territory of Sport. The presentation of the hockey team «Ugra» that opens its new season in the Continental Hockey League (CHL) took place in the concert hall that also hosted the opening ceremony of the World Cup. The symbol of the fan club is Ugorian mammoth who welcomed the guests.


Beginners prefer table hockey

Valentina Volokitina

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