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After the 1st round the Ugra Chess Academy Playing Hall was rearranged. The new electronic screens were installed and the many level seat rows were constructed.

The Hall became more roomy and comfortable. In general the Academy atmosphere became bright, warm and cozy. One loses the feeling that summer is over and autumn has started.




The first guest at the press conference was the mayor of Khanty Mansiysk, the President of the Ugra Chess Federation Vasily Filipenko. Vasily Alexandrovich shared his plans on chess development in Ugra: «Already in the next year Ugra will host the Women’s World Chess Championship. If we have set up such high a quality standard, we should maintain it. If FIDE still supports its idea to hold its 90s anniversary in Khanty Mansiysk, we are pleased to welcome it.»


The Ugra Chess Federation Vice President, the first Vice President of Khanty Mansiysk Bank Alexander Smirnov and the FIDE President’s Assistant Berik Balgabaev


Most likely the brightest was the game Vladimir Potkin vs Alexey Shirov which was ended on 28th move with White victory. The final kick was the beautiful sacrifice of the Rook on f7.


Vladimir did not hide his satisfaction when speaking about the battle. According to his words he outplayed Shirov very confidently for after long tie breaks he did not have time to realize how dangerous his opponent could be.


Rustam Kasimdzhanov playing against Gata Kamsky did not want to prove the advantage of the first move and offered a draw on move 16. The spectators were wondering whether it was a part of match strategy of the famous tie break master or a banal unfortunate opening.  We will know the answer soon.



Baadur Jobava attacked not in a very correct way, however, with inspiration. Radoslav Wojtaszek did not find a winning intermediate move and got a perpetual check.


Dutch and English flags of the same color combination somehow looking alike


Teimour Radjabov


Alexander Onischuk


Sergey Karjakin — Wesley So.  Alexander Motylev with «canon» and Andrey Volokitin


The battle of grown-up prodigies: Karjakin is included into «Guiness Book of Records»as the youngest Grandmaster (he got the title being 12-yesr-old) and Wesley became the youngest chess player who over passed the rating limit of 2600 (and he got his GM title being 14).


Another prodigy — Nguyen of Vietnam (the youngest GM in his country who received the title when he was 14) was watching the game of the chess player from Philippines with curiosity while he himself was defending from Peter Svidler


From left to right playing Black: Laurent Fressinet, Ruben Felgaer and Alexander Morozevich


Judit Polgar is watching the game of Alexander Riazantsev. The latter playing Black with Ian easily equaled in the opening, however, did not get the offer for a draw. Nepomniachtchi, having the time advantage, decided to continue the fight and nearly got successful.


The shortest game of the 1st day of the 2nd Round lasted only 12 moves.


Ruslan Ponomariov


Shakhriyar Mamedyarov got a little sick but, fortunately, it is not reflected on the game.


Maxime Vachier-Lagrave — is a frequent guest of the analysis room. Even the 22-moves game against Bu Xiangzhi was analyzed in every detail.


In the first game of the match Sebastien Feller with the rating over 2600 and Alexander Grischuk with the rating over 2700, the favorite had to defend.


Grischuk defended in the endgame having one pawn down, but was extremely calm and «poker face».


Shankland’s chess tie


Boris Grachiev who lost the first game to Le Quang Liem will have to defend playing Black in the second one.


Alexander Moiseenko


Sport Director of the Chess Federation of Ugra and commentator of live video transmissions of the World Cup 2011 Valery Ioshan.

Maria Fominykh


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